Logo Sustainability Strategy

At LYV360, we understand that how we operate and the choices we make have a direct impact on the world and its natural resources. This realization drives our long-term sustainability commitments and is at the core of our mission: to apply science and creativity for a better, healthier world.

We have redefined the way we envision sustainability to embrace a circular holistic model. Restorative and regenerative by design, this approach is key in safeguarding the wellbeing of consumers, the health of our planet and the integrity of our business.

In line with our purpose of applying science and creativity for a better world, our sustainability strategy is made up of these key areas:

●  Reducing our Environmental Footprint
We strive to reduce our operational impact in ways that will mitigate climate change, conserve water and reduce waste.

●  Strengthening Responsible Sourcing
We seek to ensure ethical practices in our supply chain, reduce impact to the environment and support workers and grower communities.

● Embracing People & Communities
We seek to nurture an inclusive and safe culture where we celebrate diversity and give back to the communities where we source and operate.